Strong Housing Gains Driving Economic Growth

Consumer spending, increased investment and a hot housing market have led the UK economy to beat first quarter predictions.

The GDP is up almost 3% from last year at the same time and is 2.8% higher than earlier forecasts had expected.

Fuelling the economy has been an growing housing market, where housing values continue to climb, despite recent rate hikes that the Bank of England had hoped would cool things off a bit.

The interest rates of almost 6% are at a 6 year high, but investors and home buyers seem to be ignoring rising rates. Home buyers in the last year have almost universally reported substantial and record increases on the equity value of their homes, and as long as housing values continue to rise, analysts expect that demand for housing and other loans will remain strong.

Consumer spending is up at 0.6% over the last quarter, and investment has risen by almost 2%. Services are by far the largest sector of the economy, and this sector has also shown strong growth.

Analysts say that the real engine behind the economic growth is a housing market that is giving people the confidence to spend. With housing values having risen at 13% over the last year, there are a lot of home owners with some extra money, and extra confidence right now.

Financial services have shown strong growth, partly in response to an increasing demand for equity and home based loans, as people move to take advantage of the rise in equity values, and the dramatic housing value increases that have allowed them a bigger financial cushion to work with.

Many advisors are forecasting another interest rate rise to combat the strong economy and increasing inflation, and many savvy loan seekers are using the current relatively low rates to lock into a fixed equity or home loan now, before the likely higher rates to come.

The housing market shows no signs of cooling, even with central planning measures, and the economy should continue to grow driven by a housing market engine that is pushing up consumer confidence and spending.

Planet Antares Selection Tips For Choosing A Vending Machine Company

Planet Antares Selection Tips For Choosing A Vending Machine Company

If you are planning to start your own Planet Antares vending business, a vending machine company will be needed to supply the vending machines for the same. Selecting the right kind of vending equipment for your vending business is important to begin in the ideal manner. You need a company that will offer vending machines at the right price. Planet Antares Inc offers high quality vending machines as well as all vending information required to start your business on the right foot.
You will soon realize that the vending business is very different from any other business. You can do this from home and need to visit the vending route to service your vending machines on a regular basis. Usually, vending machine companies sell both new and used equipment to suit the requirements and budget of all sorts of vending operators. Planet Antares vending machines are created for all kinds of snacks and beverages.
A single individual can run a vending machine company from home or it may be a large enterprise with a staff prepared to take your order. Planet Antares Corporation is such a large company with experts who are ready to guide you from the very start of your business. All the information is easily accessible online. The company has a lot of experience and has countless satisfied vending operators who have set up well paying vending business.
In order to have long term relations, a vending machine company must treat you properly. It is imperative to do your homework and carry out thorough research about vending companies before making a commitment to purchase from them. After all, it will not be the sign of a good vending operator to switch vending machine companies right in the beginning of their operations.
Avoid vending machine companies that continuously put obstacle in your path to smooth operations. Such companies are perhaps taking you for a ride. It will be worthless to develop good relations with such companies.
Vending operators would want to set up a successful business and this will only happen when you start in the right way. Go for a reliable company like Planet Antares Inc to get best results.

Webloyalty Services

Webloyalty Online Membership Services

What services does Webloyalty offer?

Webloyalty offers several online membership services including Reservation Rewards, Shopper Discounts & Rewards and Travel Values Plus. Each service provides a different set of benefits based upon members interests and needs.

Reservation Rewards provides a selection of thousands discounts on dining, shopping, leisure attractions and movies. Webloyalty members can log onto the club website to search for discounts by zip code. They can find and print discount coupons to use in or around their local area or anywhere in the U.S.A. and Canada. In addition, there are club protection benefits such as 24-hour Road & Tow coverage, Trip Delay Protection, and more.

Shopper Discounts & Rewards provides its members with online discounts, automatic cash back rebates and select free shipping deals on purchases made at hundreds of participating websites. It also provides other valuable benefits such as Best Price Guarantee, Delivery Guarantee, Damage, Theft & Loss Protection and more.

As the name suggests, Travel Values Plus provides its members with a selection of useful travel benefits. Members can log onto to the website to locate hotel discounts up to 50% at top-name resorts, inns, motels and more across the U.S.A. and Canada. Airline discounts and car rental deals are also available. Plus, members can participate in an online community to share itineraries, photos and travel tips with one another.

Make Webloyalty your partner and make more money.

A small banner ad placed on your post-buy confirmation page can bring you a new revenue stream. Customers are offered a free trial of premiere reward, discount and travel protection programs.

You get paid for every customer that accepts the free trial regardless if they choose to continue with our offer. Webloyalty is paid a monthly membership fee for which customers gain access to discounts on travel, dining in popular restaurants or cash back rebates from hundreds of top online retailers. They can cancel anytime online or by phone.

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Here Are Some Tips to Avoid Telephone Fraud

Fraudulent schemes range from peddling water purifiers, vitamins, and make-up kits to stock investments and abusive “900” numbers. According to the Alliance Against Fraud in Telemarketing (AAFT), Americans lose an estimated $40 billion each year to telemarketing fraud. Con artists and swindlers use the telephone more and more as their “weapon” to hold up victims.

If a sales pitch sounds too good to be true, just hang up. If you don’t, you may become the next victim of telephone fraud.

Top Phone Scams

While some of the following products and services can be and are legitimately sold by reputable telemarketers, the Division of Consumer Protection has identified seven areas where fraud can occur and does the most damage to the consumer’s wallet:

Free Prize Offers: If you receive a phone call that you have won a free prize, be cautious! Usually there are conditions to securing those offers such as substantial handling fees, shipping charges, membership fees and/or the purchase of other merchandise.
Ask the telephone solicitor what the prize is worth. It may be of little value, and it may not be worth the money you will have to spend to receive it. A “contest” or an offer of a “free” prize or gift is only a sales tactic. No one is in business to give things away. Look for strings attached. Telemarketers must be registered with the Division of Consumer Protection. Call the Division to verify current registration.

Charitable Solicitations: Telephone solicitation is one method used by charitable organizations to raise funds from generous consumers. Unfortunately, fraudulent charitable operators may call you, too. State law requires charities to inform donors if they are registered with the state, what the permit number is and what percentage of your donation will actually go to the charity. Call the Division of Consumer Protection to verify the information they give you.

When you make a donation, it is a good idea to pay by check and make the check out to the organization, not the person collecting the donation. Be cautious of organizations that pressure you to pledge money on the spot or tell you they will send a representative immediately to your home to pick up your donation. A legitimate charity will gladly accept your donation today, tomorrow, or a month from now.

Travel Offers: It can be quite tempting to purchase a bargain-priced travel package over the telephone, but be careful. Many of these scams operate by enticing people to join “vacation clubs” or offering consumers “free trips.” Often the vacation club or free trip has many hidden costs or conditions attached. Your bargain or free trip could end up costing you a lot of money.
Investment Fraud: Many unsound investment opportunities are peddled over the telephone. Fraudulent sales pitches usually involve such statements as “you must act now,” “there is no risk” or “this must be kept a secret.” Promoters will often try to make you feel guilty or silly for asking questions or exhibiting doubt. Stop and think before you quickly turn your money over to an investment promoter calling on the phone. Ask for written information. And, if you are receiving undue or uncomfortable pressure, or if other “warning flags” arise during the conversation, hang up.

“900” Numbers: When you call a “900” number, you are charged either a fee for the number of minutes you are on the phone or a flat fee for the entire call. These fees can add up rather quickly after you have spent more than a few minutes on the telephone.

Some services will keep you on the line for an extended length of time before you get all of the information you called for, making it a very expensive phone call. Find out the costs of the call before you make it, and never call any “900” numbers that doesn’t disclose the costs up front.

Recently, unscrupulous telemarketers began transferring calls made to toll-free “800” numbers over to “900” numbers. This improper practice makes it more important today then ever before to know who you are calling. You should also listen carefully to any recorded information at the beginning of the call.

Advance-Fee Loan Scams: These scams often target people who are out of work or have poor credit ratings. Con artists promise “guaranteed” loans, no matter what your credit rating is, in exchange for an up-front processing or application fee. You may wait weeks or months to find out credit has been denied and the processing fee is not, as promised, refunded. Or, you may never hear from the company again, and may even find the company is withdrawing from your credit card or checking accounts using information you disclosed over the phone.

Credit Repair Schemes: If you are having a problem getting credit, you may be tempted to listen to telephone solicitors who advertise quick and easy solutions to credit problems. Unfortunately, in many cases, these companies take your money and do little or nothing to improve your credit history. Credit repair companies cannot remove bad credit information from your files. If there are genuine mistakes on your credit file, you can remove them yourself–for free. Credit repair companies must be registered with the Division of Consumer Protection. Call the Division to verify their registration.

First Line of Defense

Your best defense is yourself. Follow some basic rules, and arm yourself with the tools to safeguard your hard-earned money from telephone con artists.